Peace and Pride from the Nitty-Gritty Writer’s own “Rubyfruit Jungle”


In 1977 I fell in love. I was 14.

Typical childhood right of passage. Except I am a societally defined woman, and so is she. I remember thinking that I wanted to marry her. Hell, I would have even done the dishes for her. (Those of you who have read Rubyfruit Jungle will likely get this reference to the hetronormative role of the woman in a relationship.)

I did not breathe a word of my love to anyone, not even her. When she taught me how to kiss a boy, and I wanted to practice until my lips bled, I was silent. When we went skating and she was always picked for the couples skates, I watched for her to glance my way and silently pictured my arms around her slim waist. When we went to a bon fire by the lake, and she kissed her first boy, I stood silent in the darkness and cried alone.

The 70s scared me. I wish I was as brave as some others were. Continue reading “Peace and Pride from the Nitty-Gritty Writer’s own “Rubyfruit Jungle””

Novel writing: Tools, a niche, and a tribe

Writing is not easy. It is a craft. And to be good at any craft, you have to assemble your tools, find your niche, ban with those who can help you succeed, and study with focus, intent and dedication. There are no shortcuts. Only by doing the work on the front end will you be ready to launch a sustainable writing plan.

Novel Writing: Tools, a niche, and a tribe

The Tools

The builder of a bridge and the builder of a house are both builders. They both have a pounding device in their tool box. The pounding tools, however, are not the same. Continue reading “Novel writing: Tools, a niche, and a tribe”