Interview with the Writer’s Digest award winning author, Beth Burnett

Several years ago, at a GCLS conference far, far away, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the coolest women ever. I was a con virgin, and she was a one woman welcome committee. She wasn't actually the only person making people feel welcome. In fact, the conference is one of the most welcoming … Continue reading Interview with the Writer’s Digest award winning author, Beth Burnett

GCLS Annual Conference: Why Pittsburgh?

Frivolous Views

The Golden Crown Literary Society’s Annual Conference is held in a different city each year – except for that 3 year period when we were in Orlando. (That whole “let’s go to the same city in consecutive years” thing won’t be repeated.) Since I’ve been a member, we’ve been to Orlando, Minneapolis, Dallas, Portland, New Orleans, Washington DC, Chicago, and Las Vegas. Prior to that, the conference was held in Atlanta, Phoenix, and New Orleans (the first year – we returned for our 10th anniversary). 

In 2019, we’ll be travelling to Pittsburgh, PA for our conference!

Now, I’m excited about this location. I’ve never been to Pittsburgh, but I’ve heard so many great things about the city. So, I’m pretty psyched about going. But I know there are people out there saying, “Oof! Pittsburgh? Why?”

Well, as a member of the Board, I have a little insight I can share…

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Reading through the Ages: YA Book Recommendations for Teens of Any Age!

If you are looking for books for yourself or a YA reader in your world, check out this amazing age-appropriate list.

Vicky Who Reads

Based on popular demand, I have some reading recommendations for teens of all ages! I have a more complete list of some of my most relatable reads coming in the future in partnership with someone else, so you’ll have to wait on that, but for now, here are some reading recommendations for teens 12+!

This post was going to be long, and I don’t have the time to write it all up. So I picked my top 5 from each age to write more in depth about, and also included more recommendations below it!

I wanted to cover the widest range of teen ages that I’ve personally been through, and some books I really wish I read when I was older (*cough*Winterspell & Across the Universe*cough*), and others I could have really used when I was younger.

Some ages (all ages, really)–twelve and thirteen…

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Kimberly Cooper Griffin

GCLS Writing Academy

The Writing Academy staff was pretty excited to have a face-to-face with Kimberly Cooper Griffin this week. On the one hand, we had a little trouble keeping up. (We think she might have accidentally dipped into the fully-caffeinated pot of coffee this morning.) On the other hand, we absolutely love her, even when she’s bouncing off the walls. Hicks_K_020_46-300

When Kimberly was in the WA, we could always count on her to be the one who would speak if the instructor asked for questions or comments. We always hope for at least one extrovert in every class. Do you know how awkward it is to ask for questions and hear nothing but heavy-breathing?

Luckily, we didn’t run out of things to say. Keep reading for the excellent interview.

What inspired you to sign up for the GCLS Writing Academy?

The first time I heard about the GCLS Writing Academy was at…

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